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  1. Sombrero verde. Mr. Oscar Corrales
  2. El árbol de la vida. Mr. Oscar Corrales
  3. Cortina. Mr. Oscar Corrales
  4. Un hombre paseando su perro. Mr. Oscar Corrales
Mr. Oscar Corrales
Mr. Oscar Corrales
Artist Painter - Yennora, Australia
  1. Ovale Anbietplatte, kpm Berlin, mit Bügelkrone & Pfauenfedern, um 1913.. Thomas Kern
  2. Meissen 2 Porzellanteller, Wappen fürst von hanau graf von schaumburg, 19 Jhdt.. Thomas Kern
  3. Andy Warhol: Original Ausstellungsplakat Willy Brandt, 1976, signiert!. Thomas Kern
  4. Hof und Staatshandbuch Königreich Bayern 1908 Bibliothek, Prinz Alfons V Bayern. Thomas Kern
Thomas Kern
Thomas Kern
Antiques dealer - München

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Artist Den

Artist Den art gallery now open at Rock Springs Arizona Black Canyon City Az. , Showing over 30 local artists, with rock shop showings, Right next to the world famous Rock Springs restuarant.

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Gilded Lite
Gilded Lite, July 7
I searched the internet extensively for a virtual gallery app and ArtQuid was the only one with a reasonable premium membership, a social platform and of course, a Virtual 3d gallery. I look forward to giving my audience traditional and modern ways in which to view my exhibitions. Thanks ArtQuid Team! :)

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