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The proof. Bill d'amacha Bill d'amacha
Title: «The proof (Mystica Virginia)»
Year: 2002
Technique: Acrylic and ink on digital / carton
Format: portrait, 58 X 137
Framed: framed, wood, unique 1 / 1
Signature: signed, Description:

Mystica Virginia - The existence of this fabled sea chart was developed by historians hitherto dismissed as a myth. The name of the multi-spectrum post-Kompositaufnahme of Christopher Columbus discovered Virgin Islands historically documented process.
Evaluation by means of radio-carbon method and compare the current topographical and meteorological data with the computer simulation result of a recursive professionals independently came to the conclusion that the map on the last third of the 16th Century to date is. Another time limit is due to the hand attached to military and nautical phrases possible. After a handwriting comparison could be demonstrated beyond doubt that the later ennobled English privateer Francis Drake has used this card.
The Sail on the left edge, the wind rose and the top right of the ribbon with the inscription «Mystica Virginia» are much more recent and probably has been added to the card as a show piece to upgrade. They were therefore excluded from the reconstruction nor considered as the handwritten notes. To

Drinking water and to combat damage to his ship, the «Golden Hind» («Golden hind» - ex «Pelican») auszubessern, contributed Drake after raids on Spanish merchant ships, the U. S. Virgin Islands, which he on 17 Reached in March 1578. Previously, he was in the storm of the other two ships with which he, on 13 December 1577 was broken on the globe, have been separated. Instead of the hoped his companion again, but he was already one of 14 Spanish warships existing fleet is expected. He recently was able to fight through the enemy line at Little Camano into Trellis Bay and further into the later named after him Sir Francis Drake Channel to them. The heavy galleons were able to maneuver him because of the strong wave is not without danger through the narrow passage to follow. The Spanish commander had 12 vessels of course Great Camano Scrub and Iceland and on a line between Iceland and Beef Fallen Jerusalem cross. The two fastest ships, «Rhone» and «Santa Lucia» should be the - supposedly only - escape between Dead Chest and Tortola block, the Drake, however, only with onset of the flood could have happened anywhere. Since the Spaniards your opinion with the devil in the allied Freibeuter case believed that the vessels retained their position in order to search for calm seas continue. This was the time two days of persecution, at least the most urgent repairs and supplies to complete. In order to lighten the ship, it was also a part of the loot on the peninsula of Jost van Dyke hidden.

The customer of the allegedly attracted huge amounts of gold in the following centuries, thousands of treasure hunters, so that the Virgin Islands in the mid-19th Century of the best researched and documented areas outside of the ancient world were. The hideout was however not until 1999 with the help of this card will be localized. A recovery is from the British and American authorities for the autumn of 2002. Although

Former knowledge, no escape was possible, it could Drake by the possession of the then incredibly precise map dare, with still some 2nd 5 m deep in the water is «Golden Hind» flood during the night of the 19th March 1578 at the Monkey Bridge by the passage in the middle, only about 3 m deep gully between Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda in today's Deadman's Bay to dare. The crew is now flying the Spanish flag-propelled, a former French galleon «Rhône» recognized the maneuver and took on the prosecution. The draft of the larger heavier armed Three Deckers and the ignorance of the captain on the exact water depth led to an initial contact with the hull so badly damaged that the «Rhone» in Salt Iceland fell. The bulk of the team was able to save and mingled in the subsequent period with the Caribbean population. How can we explain that today's residents of three islands of the Catholic faith, while the 33 other islands populated mainly by Protestants to be inhabited. When the aft
The runner-up in the flood sank, Drake had already been through the Anegada Passage, the Caribbean Sea to the south and course taken. He durchsegelte in the period following the Strait of Magellan in just 16 days and went on 26 September 1580, almost three years after its first globe was broken up, with the now heavily damaged but richly laden ship and a handful of men under the salute of artillery fortress at the port of Plymouth at anchor.

The fact that this card - its authenticity is beyond doubt - the expression of a technological development is the only man less than half a century has reached, allows the science to date laughed hypotheses from the Aurich Denning in a totally different light and also raises new questions.
The proof
Art by Independent Artists,  Paintings,  Acrylic
Author: Bill d'amacha
137 x  58 cm  /   53.9 x  22.8 in
Themes: Women  /   Origin: Germany  /   Genre: Surrealism  /   Characteristic: Signed  /   Authenticity / Provenance: Sold by the Artist  /   Mounting: On cardboard  /   Period: Contemporary  /  
Posted: july 28, 2009 / Modified: april 18, 2017
Copyright Bill d'amacha

The proof
Price not public
Private collection
Bill d'amacha
Bill d'amacha
Dresden, Germany
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