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Culture of good thinking - tmpx. Tmpx Tmpx
Social media

Social networks are the shepherds of the self-righteous. Well-thinking means adhering to collective thought

In order not to be excluded, it is more comfortable to adhere to collective thought than to express one's opinion.
Social networks are the preachers of conformity where beliefs are multiple.

In time, religions will lose their influence, or, on the contrary, will re-emerge from the bowels of the past.

Well-thinking means the opinion and behavior of self-righteous people, whose ideas are conformist and subject to political correctness.

The term

The term good-will has a pejorative, polemical and ironic connotation, because it is especially used by the detractors of the politically correct.

Well-thinking would be the expression of claimed well-being and a good self-confidence that would not question itself.

Well-thinking consists in advocating repentance, historical guilt, the culture of excuse, memory laws and anti-discrimination.

Wanting to be moralistic in particular in the name of human rights or good feelings, good-thinking advocates laws that prohibit and penalize racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, negationist and others, thus provoking trials in theological and political blasphemy, in witchcraft.


The self-righteous person uses specific language to avoid naming things because that name could shock or hurt feelings.

In the context of political debates, opponents of politically correct use this characterization of good-will as a rhetorical weapon.

These, the bad-minded, whose ideas go against the majority ideological consensus (that of the self-righteous), accuse the self-righteous of censoring by liberticidal laws all deviant thought and, by creating the crime of'opinion, the thoughtcrime expression known by the Orwell dystopia, of wanting to stifle all free debate and thus infringe on freedom of expression.

Far-right organizations use this term in their fight against what they call the single thought system.

<A href=«https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bien-pensance»>Texte Wikipedia</a>


Conformism is an attitude which has been widely studied in the social sciences and which corresponds to behavior which is consistent with what is expected of an individual or a group in a given situation:

To be in conformity means not to deviate from the accepted norm, not to take a liberty by acting in a way different from what is expected, socially.

There are different forms of conformism, which involve people more or less strongly.

This has implications in several sectors such as consumption, musical tastes, fashion and even the economy.

This principle is considered a condition of the functioning of our societies, however it is challenged by several currents of thought and many artistic movements.

In psychology, Solomon Asch (1907-1996) explains that the individual conforms to avoid on the one hand the conflict between two different opinions (one expressed by the majority, the other expressed or represented mentally by the subject in minority) and on the other hand, avoid being rejected by the majority (Asch's experience).

For Asch, conformism corresponds to a follow-up, in which the subject who conforms does not adhere to the opinions of the majority.
Culture of good thinking - tmpx
Art by Independent Artists,  Paintings,  Acrylic
Author: Tmpx
0.3 x  60 x  75 cm  /   0.1 x  23.6 x  29.5 in
Weight 1.71 kg   /  3.77 lbs
Themes: ArtQuid  /   Origin: France  /   Genre: Pop Art  /   Characteristic: Signed  /   Authenticity / Provenance: Sold by the Artist  /   Artists types: Professional artists  /   Mounting: On metal plate  /   Period: Contemporary  /  
Posted: august 2, 2020 / Modified: august 2, 2020
Copyright Tmpx

Culture of good thinking - tmpx
1,960 €  1,392 £  2,234 $ 
Available for sale
Artist Painter 
Paris, France
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