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Opinions of Earthstone Chu’s Art

Earthstone Chu Posted: january 29, 2017 / Modified: january 30, 2017
Opinions of Earthstone Chu’s Art
****Your works has spontaneity, originality, they are authentic and thats the most important. And they are very beautiful! ! They do not imitate anything, because coming from soul and cosmic soul… Full of subtle energy, vibration inside and outside, with woman very often in the centre, creates Gods melody in all universe… And the woman could be pro-fan and a goddess at the same time and it is superb. So there are not distance between us, recipient and painting, we belong the same energy, we are equal… It could create only authentic great contemporary artist.

****Unequivocally, one the profoundest renderings of generations, maternal being, abstract floating nothing is concrete the creation of narrative from minimalist stroke shade deeply felt and sublime work.

****Spain: Que hermosa bella linda pintura, tiene vida tiene armonía
Es lo más bello que veo, me gusta tiene vida. Hola me encanta el arte, y veo que eres un ser humano muy especial, captas lo sublime y lo vuelves arte, te felicito un favor especial, jamás dejes de hacer arte, gracias

—-Beautiful beautiful beautiful painting that has life has harmony
It is the most beautiful thing I see, I like to have life. Hello I love art, and I see that you are a very special human being, you catch the sublime and the art again, I congratulate you a special favor, never leave making art, thanks

****France:Quelle merveilleuse vision poétique de Earthstone Chu… L'art semble faire partie intégrante de sa vie d'artiste, cela en est même, surement, l'essence pour ce créateur de l'invisible passionné de poésie, de musique, et de peinture, … ! ! C’. Est un artiste avec une sensibilité à fleur de peau, au message jamais dépourvu de sens… Sa peinture est difficilement descriptible avec des mots, mais il suffit de se laisser bercer, par la douceur de la palette, par la suggestion des formes… Par ces muses alanguies, et par son amour de la nature ! ! ! Merci infiniment ! !

—-What a wonderful poetic vision Earthstone Chu… Art seems to be part of his artistic life, it is even, probably, the essence for this designer of the invisible passionate poetry, music and painting… ! ! Chu is an artist with an edgy sensibility, the message never meaningless… His painting is difficult to describe with words, but just to be lulled by the sweetness of the pallet, by the suggestion of forms… Par these muses languid, and his love of nature ! ! ! Thank you so much ! !

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