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Berlin is the New York of 20 years ago in the arts scene, Music and Art

Karen Colville Posted: august 20, 2020 / Modified: august 20, 2020
Berlin is the New York of 20 years ago in the arts scene, Music and Art
Karen Colville : Art in the Digital Age

Art is an evolution of movements and the digital age, is a time for breakthrough art with technology.
Berlin is the New York of 20 years ago in the arts scene of Music and Art, crossover of styles in presentations. I feel it is important to create and express art, whether it is a commercial success or not, independent art makes more room as for iinterpretation for the person to experience and identify with, there are other means of appreciation in the art world than some of the presentations or packages presented in the main stream media. Arts films as a genre, is something, that I have identified with more as an Artist and European Cinema, than what is presented in American main stream media as considered as Hollywood. This genre, is not open to experimentation or Artist expression at all it is a formula that repeats what has been sold over again, Since the 1970's-80\s scene for contemporary and artistic expression since neo expressionism faded and now Berlin is the cool spot for Creatives.
I plan to have a European release in the next month or more, depending on what mediums we use for creative expression and artistic presentation.
Yesterday, I faced another challenging decision, I am in the process of recording an important ep, I will disclose more details of the release closer to the release date, my last release was Beautiful Sunset 2 years ago, where I won 2 independent film awards in 2019, awards for my music video in experimental music shorts international film festivals, more important to myself and the people who truly appreciate, value my music and collect my art, local and international, this work of music was a part of my youth my past, that has been missing for years, musical and art expression is the means to be able to do this, as an art form, Music and art have been presented together since the 1800's, at salons, private estates and what were galleries then. France being the mainstay for public presentation.
Composers as Bach and Mozart would visit Central Europe to be inspired and Painters would present their work with Classical Music, I discovered this more as validation this happened when visiting Prague. See the way Vangoch is being presented in this century.
I feel that Berlin this century, in recent years, 2020 beyond, is now the Arts Epicenter to integrate art and technology while still feeling human warmth and connection in presentation. German microphones are the very best for these effects, used by Singers international. Buenas Aires Agentina is another hot spot in the world for artistic collaboration and experimentation with creative art forms, as they have hidden advance technologies being used in artistic collaborations. Co vid is preventing international travel, some of these presentations will need to be virtual, and the following will also need to be online with limited travel. Streamlining is an understatement.

I do my best to see what technology may be utilized for presentation, whether it be a slide show, montage, I am experimenting in new media, I prefer to see mixed media, a great example in the 1980's, art, photos, film, audio sound, music, some animation. I prefer video montages with video tech and the art to transform with the story of the music.

Take on Me by Aha where the Music was presented with animation, this was in the 1980s, I wanted to see more with Visual art. Now art is in augmented and virtual reality, it is not as accessible to as being developed enough to where the stream is solid as fluid and in seconds. Mediums of Virtual tech are developing more and more, how advanced is accessible to those at the higher tiers as holographs and not so much to others.

I feel a connection to Berlin, being there is an open society for experimentation using different mediums as breakthrough away from traditional presentation of Musicians in the contemporary art and music scene is at present flourishing there, sure it may not be the same since the recent passing of Florian Sneider, of Kraftwork, the spirit of the music always lives on as a frequency that decades later in another country in development or on other planets as a frequency range in itself, the music had the underlying r & b and was technorobotics in presentation was the pioneer of this kind of movement.
For those of you on Art Quid that too advantage of the Berlin opportunity, this is a great advantage, I wish you all the best and that I may be able to catch up, once my package production is more in the final stages before release, I will announce the release dates up and coming.

Art Quid has the Berlin Station for Artists this is a phenomenal opportunity, I had to pass this round, and wait for the next round of opportunity when it comes back, that is comes back, fingers crossed it will not be too long to wait on, my studio time booked, I am in production, recorded two songs towards an ep, and working on another possibly bonus third song in the studio tonight, I have plans to present this music and with my original art work for the cover where there will be a limited number of prints available in the uk. I will have something cool on Art Quid when the time comes also.
Music also has a way of healing past hurts, and for those coming to terms with
When I got home from the studio last night, I was listening to Mo Town, as a Musical Artist, independent, I have had releases in previous years, where I traveled Europe and visited radio stations, I grew up on Motown and since my early teens, I was buying vinyl as being imported from the uk as ska, I was always being told by people I sounded as Joe Jackson, I for some reason then did not understand this, I was a huge fan of Joe Jackson as a young person, I thought people were comparing myself to a man's voice, I did not see, what a huge compliment in fact this truly was, I listened to Joe Jackson, on returning from the recording studio, he is brilliant, , since Co Vid started, I have had few sales, my market was expecting myself to lower my prices, and I know economic recessions come and go, I decided to place my recent funds back into the recording studio, I now have two brilliant compositions I have done vocals on, this in essence is a tribute to the New York Arts scene, now the present day movements are Berlin focused, I will integrate myself into the European Arts Market, I am truly grateful to Art Quid to be here at the very start of more international cross over integration. More to Come
Karen Colville Artist

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