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Page 98 - top 10 contemporary artists - Volume I

Hajo Posted: march 24, 2021 / Modified: march 24, 2021
Page 98 - top 10 contemporary artists - Volume I

The Role of Visual Arts of a deeper meaning of all of these activities away from by Hans-Joachim Horstmann everyday routine. Life on our planet proceeds in conditions which are As a visual artist I am convinced of the following: simply there. The thinking human being recognizes in a work of visual arts is the product of the artist‘s this existence many modalities (= types and conditions attempt to liberate himself from being coerced and of being) which are predefined and cannot be changed. Trapped by the modalities of human existence by We can structure these modalities in external and working creatively. Internal ones: Examples of liberation: • External: space, time, matter, gravitation, • Liberation from space: a landscape painter electromagnetic waves (“light”), our position-dependent compresses the space of his motif, the volumes of the view on objects, the evanescence of the moment, etc. Objects in front of him, into layers of colour on the • Internal: the anatomy and physiology of the body, image carrier (paper, canvas) which are often merely determined by our genes, the structure of our thinking a few micrometres thin. This creates entirely new and feeling, sexuality, instincts, societal constraints relations between the elements of his composition. (Rituals, taboos, tradition, rules), his conscience, our For instance, the blue sky (which is the “element” helplessness in the face of destiny, in view of death, closest to him, meaning the air column rising directly in one’s ego, one’s self. Front of his eyes), becomes an unstructured blue spot which the painter lets border on a finely differentiated The creation and perception of art are two possibilities representation of a tree ‒ this pleases the painter and to escape these modalities partially and temporarily, by creates an experience of “flow” for him. Practicing art or perceiving an artistic work in a relaxed • The painter can liberate himself from the position manner. What is characteristic of the pure arts is that dependence of his viewpoint by looking seemingly they are without purpose. Floating at the landscape. • Liberation from time: Every picture, every statute Of course there are other possibilities to overcome captures the evanescent moment and “snatches it out top contempor ary artists something else for a change”, practice a hobby, sports, • Liberation from the materiality of an object: The some modalities temporarily (to distract one-self, “doing of time” (Arthur Schopenhauer).

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