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XXth c. Decorative Art
Modern & Contemporary Art
Decoration & design
Museum works of art reproduction
Collectors & individuals
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Gilles Bizé
Gilles Bizé
Franséches, France
Enfants des rues. Gilles Bizé Coucher de soleil a Oléron. Gilles Bizé Paris-Freedom. Gilles Bizé One day in Paris. Gilles Bizé
Jacques Blasco
Jacques Blasco
La Seyne Sur Mer, France
Vilage de Solliès ville : déclinaison I. Jacques Blasco Blue Village. Jacques Blasco Village in Provence Purple. Jacques Blasco Sainte Victoire Mountain view «Masks». Jacques Blasco
Nieul, France
Au bout de la marelle…. Dr Ma priére. Dr Electrastar. Dr Paradis secret…. Dr
Juan Carlos Hinojo
Andamio en la noche. Juan Carlos Hinojo Amigable bebé. Juan Carlos Hinojo Catalina 1903. Juan Carlos Hinojo La respuesta. Juan Carlos Hinojo
Contrecoeur, Canada
Hochey de rue. Inspecteur L'attente, Waiting. Inspecteur Figaro, suite. Inspecteur Boisé. Inspecteur
Mily Bou
Mily Bou
Allez on sort les pinceaux. Mily Bou Maman bonheur*s. Mily Bou Femme aux fleurs. Mily Bou Jeune fille reveuse. Mily Bou
Nader Haitian Art Gallery- Ny
Nader Haitian Art Gallery- Ny
Haverstraw, United States
The Lady and The Drums #2-2-95mfn. Nader Haitian Art Gallery- Ny Book- Peintres Haitiens by Gerald Alexis. Nader Haitian Art Gallery- Ny Korant the God of Winter #1mfn. Nader Haitian Art Gallery- Ny Nader of Haiti Art Gallery, Ltd in 1973 by Haitian Master Bernard Wah. Nader Haitian Art Gallery- Ny
Flyer Art Gallery
Flyer Art Gallery
Roma, Italy
No Title. Flyer Art Gallery Exhibition. Flyer Art Gallery Giorgio Storchi - Exhibition. Flyer Art Gallery
E. Schroeder
E. Schroeder
Red flower. E. Schroeder Village in a winter night. E. Schroeder Blue flower. E. Schroeder Village in winter. E. Schroeder
Mataró, Spain
French desk clock. Antiguedadesoratam Double-Headed Eagle Shield Carved In Wood. Antiguedadesoratam Modernista Gas Lamp in bronze With Tulipas In Glass. Antiguedadesoratam Drawing by Jose Miguel Serrano Serra / Barcelona Sitges 1912 -1982. Antiguedadesoratam
London, United Kingdom
The Ballet of the Virgins / Le Ballet des Vierges. Londonprivatecollection Movements / Mouvements. Londonprivatecollection The Scent of a Woman. Londonprivatecollection Boundaries / Frontieres. Londonprivatecollection
Martial Dominguez
Martial Dominguez
Asnières, France
Oeuvre originale sur papier signé au crayon, 1961. Martial Dominguez Gravure originale signée au crayon, édition 299/280. Martial Dominguez Sculpture pièce unique signée, 2013 » not made in China, not made in usa». Martial Dominguez
Maubec, France
Irruption. Année In Exhibition. Année Red Man. Année Lieche. Année
Saint Denis, France
Africaine. Kijacools Beg. Kijacools L'esclavage moderne. Kijacools Bouges tes grosses fesses d'afrikaine. Kijacools
Richard-Cliff Galerie
Richard-Cliff Galerie
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Sera : (Princesse). Richard-Cliff Galerie Àhava : (Amour). Richard-Cliff Galerie Gayil : Alegresse. Richard-Cliff Galerie Yaffa : Jolie. Richard-Cliff Galerie
Straiph Wilson
Straiph Wilson
Rowardennan Loch Lomond, United Kingdom
Ceramic Fungi (Vapula). Straiph Wilson Ceramic Fungi (Marbas). Straiph Wilson Ceramic Fungi (Bale). Straiph Wilson Ceramic Fungi Elysian (Cimejes). Straiph Wilson
Galerie Art Pluriel Rive Droite
Galerie Art Pluriel Rive Droite
Saint-Etienne, France
Venus. Galerie Art Pluriel Rive Droite Tableau de Cati Genevrier - Arbre. Galerie Art Pluriel Rive Droite Sculpture Dentelle Acier et Labradorite. Galerie Art Pluriel Rive Droite Sculpture Rhynoceros - Rataxes. Galerie Art Pluriel Rive Droite
Piper Chatfield Fine Furniture Ltd.
Piper Chatfield Fine Furniture Ltd.
Stow On The Wold Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Vintage Unusual Antique Decorative Items for home and living room in uk. Piper Chatfield Fine Furniture Ltd.
Staad, Switzerland
Vaclav Benedikt handsigned lithograph Volcano ea/85. Elcoco Andy Warhol Superman authenticated signed lithograph. Elcoco Pennzoil Lithographie 93/100 hand signed Ptacek in style Warhol. Elcoco Gouache limited edition handsigned Zurich Stock Exchange. Elcoco
Bruno Bedel
Bruno Bedel
Composition. Bruno Bedel Violon. Bruno Bedel Saxo. Bruno Bedel Accumulations. Bruno Bedel

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