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Colectiv -a Tragédie collective a été inventé par lequel le gouvernement a fait. Dymytry Dymytry
(My works is not for sale for rent… Each year pays 11% of rental value! Also as donation! )

To be able to make a comprehensive description of my work, related to this painting in particular, I have to also relate the events that came before and after it.

My life began in a small mountain village in Romania. A place surrounded by mountains and rivers, peaceful calm divine mountains, cold air cold water but pure and unrestrained. The city by name is Miercurea-Ciuc, a place with a pretty large ethnic diversity, Hungarian, Romanian, German. I was born on the cold night of the 4th of November 1983.
At the grand age of 4 I started my curricular and scholastic education at a small kindergarten right next to the park near a very known priest family. At the age of 7 years old I started my primary education at one of the 2 schools in my native language – Romanian. Because of the people I had in my life, school life was full of ups and downs, I was retained twice during my primary school, in 4th grade and in my 6th grade, I had to remake them both. I was never a books enthusiast, but I loved knowledge and life. Not regular knowledge, not books but life, people, fun. While repeating my 6th grade, together with my clique we systematically managed to destroy all the windows on 2 of the floors of my school, until we were caught. I was supposed to remain for the 3rd time, but that would have meant the end of my school years.
So I went to a friend doctor, a chubby nice warm lady always full of smiles and understanding, who was the last medic of my oldest sister, which died of epilepsy related complications.
The nice medic helped me build up my file so it could facilitate my entrance in a helping school – the type of school where mentally ill, or disabled people, or poor people, or just people who were outside of the possibility of rehabilitation would go.
After I finished my 8th grade in the incredible town of Bilbor (no sarcasm), I went back home where I finished an art profiled high school, with my major in tailoring. I also finished a regular high school in a reduce frequency program, without managing to pass my national exam – baccalaureate. That being said, is most of my scholastic experience (of course with more coming soon, life won’t bring me down).
At the age of 11 I started my career as a tattoo artist. As a joke when one of my friends had his 18th birthday I painted on his chest a cross and 2 hearts connected through barbed wire. Since the work looked pleasing to the eyes, I started thinking about tattoos. With the help of my friends we improvised a tattoo gun/machine, and so I started to do tattoos at the age of 11. In the same day at my friends 18th birthday I made 7 tattoos. 3 Tattoos went to Laci the birthday boy and 4 other tattoos to the other 3 guys.
At the age of 28 I left home, and moved to the great city of Brasov also known as Kronstadt, being a old German settlement. And for 4 long years I worked as a tattoo artist, living and improving through my work, building my clientele, meeting people.
For a couple of months I left lived and worked abroad, Spain, Italy, I was working as a freelancing tattoos artist, you know I didn’t go for pleasure, I went to work and make honest money, I always worked clean, I always asked the clients to buy their own needle, to shower before, to degrease, always new gloves, as clean as working as a tattoo artist can be.
After I tired and I felt the calling voices of my home, my heart couldn’t keep walking the lonely road of being a stranger in a strange place, not hearing my mother language, not feeling the cold air, not feeling the warm embrace of family and friends, so I slowly went back home, to my little town of Miercurea-Ciuc.
Once back home I lived home with my parents for a couple of months, after on the 15 of November 2015 I rented an apartment close to home. Frome the heart street number 2 on heart street number 7.
Around the same time there was a huge fire that shocked Romania, the fire happened in a youth club also named Collective and as a shock to Romania I intended to express the grief of the people through a painting.
The fire tool the life of 62 people. When I started the painting I didn’t know what will happen what the outcome will be or how divine providence, chaos or coincidence will play a role, or which of them are true.
The painting started out as a shroud of black and shadows, the smoke the burn and the pain playing a role in my heart.
I started working at Dedeman, a construction oriented warehouse, it was short only 3 days, also getting my bank card for my income.
The thing that shocked me was the coincidences that were happening around me, it seemed that always the same numbers started do appear around me in similar arrangements. As a related note, while painting the work that I recently started I was always counting the number of deceased, they stopped at 64, but always overlaying the numbers somehow my count never stopped at 64. My count always stopped at 67 on one of the corner of the painting. I do not know of numerology, and it was not intentional, the numbers just appeared, they were there while I was painting, they just appeared from the shadows.
I do not know why, it may be just the haziness of life, but deep down inside I am scared that once this painting will leave my hands the number of deceased will reach 67.
I never was a strong believer when I was little, never under the constraints of law and so called morality for the sake of society, I wanted to be good because I chose so, not because of people judging me, considering themselves more than me. Because of the coercion of society. But in recent days my heart started believing in something bigger than me in something more in things above me and all of us, in the divine.
Divinity, the number of 3, the last deceased people that will appear, body soul and spirit, divinity within us, you that are formed for us, that guides us that makes us strive for survival and betterment. I just pray the last 3 people that are to die to be you the ones that planned and made the fire that extinguished so many lives, that hurt so many people, that destroyed so many lives, to be you, to be always welcomed in the damnation that comes after sin.
And if there still exists someone bigger who instigated, the evil wizard like figure, someone for ever lost in the smog of deceit, I can do nothing than believe, that you will find out or that remorse will bring you to justice, so that you can also burn in the flames that you yourself created.
Remember friends and dear readers, we are not the same we are all different, we all go through life in our own pace, we have our own belief systems, our own ideals. We, oh, we broken divinities, we may not always know where we are going, but divinity be as it may it can never be fully broken, it can never be destroyed, even the body regenerates, even the body changes, we may never bathe in the same river twice, no 2 moments are the same, even the body is renewed completely every 18 months.
I ask that critics may withhold their opinion on my life, and the words I wrote, they may not be of any importance, or you may not understand them, but they are true for me.
As for artists and art critics, I can’t wait for you feedback, for this work and anything else I will show to the world. (My works activates karma for one who holds) DyMyTry.
Colectiv -a Tragédie collective a été inventé par lequel le gouvernement a fait
Art by Independent Artists,  Paintings,  Mixed media
Author: Dymytry
2 x  50 x  60 cm  /   0.8 x  19.7 x  23.6 in
Diameter 77 cm  /   30.3 in
Weight 2 kg   /  4.41 lbs
Themes: Religious, Spiritual  /   Origin: Europe  /   Genre: Realism  /   Characteristic: Study  /   Authenticity / Provenance: Sold by the Artist  /   Artists types: Independant artists  /   Mounting: On Canvas  /   Photo color tint: Color  /   Artistic trend: English Painting  /   Period: Contemporary  /   Number of items: 1
Posted: january 20, 2016 / Modified: june 1, 2017
Copyright Dymytry

Dymytry , June 2
Thank you dear Mysane !
Dymytry , October 7
Dymytry , January 30
Dymytry , January 23
Merci beaucoup Mme Nima :*
Nima , January 23
Bravo pour votre talent !
Colectiv -a Tragédie collective a été inventé par lequel le gouvernement a fait
Price not public
Private collection
Artist Painter 
Miercurea Ciuc, Romania
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