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i3 B3 Exhibit in Art Museum 3d Virtual Gallery - Expo pro-emergency covid19, Queenartstudio Gallery, Modern & Contemporary Art, Art dealers
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Exhibit in Art Museum 3d Virtual Gallery - Expo pro-emergency covid19. Queenartstudio Gallery Queenartstudio Gallery
Queenartstudio Gallery presents

Art museum 3d virtual gallery

June 30-july 30 2020

Covid19 pro-emergency event

A firts and new online showcase to support the continuity

Of artistic path for all exibitors

In this emergency moment launching an new digital format

Art Museum 3d Virtual Gallery is an innovative interactive and permanent project that sees creation of an exclusive virtual exhibition space created by QueenArtStudio Gallery, first collective of art 3d, unique and exciting, through a completely new communication method in the field of Art Galleries:
A real environment 3d accessible to everyone more than in a real gallery!
Today, thanks to internet, we are able to bring the world to those who, like us, stay at home, who do not have the opportunity to physically explore landscapes, or monuments, or, again, visit a gallery and appreciate works of art closely. The project aims to create a coordinated digital review of contemporary works of art, which will be published on official website of our Gallery and inaugurated on online channels.

Rooms and works of art are completely interactive and offer an original as well as pleasant and exciting alternative to the royal visit or the classic site
With costs significantly lower than the creation of a site.

Example virtual gallery https://www.queenartstudio.it/art-museum-3d-virtual-gallery/

Those who visit this interactive world have the real perception of real gallery, the ability to move, look calmly at works hanging on walls, to move from one wall to another, and if want to learn more, can select a work by clicking on it and find all the necessary information.
3D building can be customized, for example by choosing different textures for floors and walls, characters, nature, sounds etc. 3D exhibitions can include two-dimensional artifacts (eg paintings, photos and posters), three-dimensional artifacts (eg. Sculptures or small installations) and streaming videos, catalogs to download, and finally can be explored on the site or incorporated into any Web page, site or blog. They can also be evaluated, discussed and shared through a multitude of options, including publication on popular social sites. In fact, inside the Virtual Gallery it is possible to insert news to give further information to the visitor, such as size, technique and price of a work of art.

Art does not stop! Do not stop your art!

The world is going to restart… It's time to react… We don't let us find stills and unprepared!
Because now it is not physically possible to participate in artistic events, it is the time to invest, at low costs, on launch and on construction or continuation of your own professional artistic path

Thanks to a series of our services offered, through participation in our 3d collective, you can receive an important certificate of merit'artist active 2020 at the time of covid19', promoting on various special online or paper magazines, such as royal monaco and stay be inserted into important contemporary italian art atlas de agostini, take part in an in streaming radio interview worldwide, publish your video art on you tube, create your personal 3d gallery, and, at the end of emergency, participate a real exhibition in queenartstudio gallery in padua with the same works exhibited in the art museum 3d virtual gallery included in the participation contribution ! ! ! And so much more!

Admission is reserved to all artists, collectives associated artists, spaces for artists, associations, foundations, art awards, art residences, schools and art academies. National and international artists of any gender, age, race and religion are called to participate.

We select Works of Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Photography, Installations, Video Art, Artist Books, Jewels, Objects and Original Craft Creations.

Registration deadline 15 june 2020

Download rules https://www.queenartstudio.it/app/download/32920057/-REGOLAMENTO://RULES+ART+MUSEUM+3D+VIRTUAL+GALLERY.pdf
For application forms and more information request contact please

Maria Grazia Todaro Art Director
QueenArtStudio Gallery Centro Espositivo di Arte Internazionale
Riviera Tito Livio 75 Padova

Tel +39 3346447738
Fb page
Exhibit in Art Museum 3d Virtual Gallery - Expo pro-emergency covid19
Art by Independent Artists,  Digital Art,  Digital Art
Author: Queenartstudio Gallery
Themes: Art  /   Period: Contemporary  /  
Posted: may 2, 2020 / Modified: may 2, 2020
Copyright Queenartstudio Gallery

Marisol Usandegi
Premium members Marisol Usandegi , April 1
Magnífica realizacion.
Exhibit in Art Museum 3d Virtual Gallery - Expo pro-emergency covid19
Price not public
Queenartstudio Gallery
Queenartstudio Gallery
Modern & Contemporary Art dealer 
Padova, Italy
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