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Episode of contemporary art

Daniel Toublanc Posted: november 8, 2014 / Modified: september 9, 2022
Episode of contemporary art
Small contemporary tale in the manner of my teacher and friend of humanity.
Once upon a time at the end of the 20th century a wealthy man of uncertain nationality, richer than Croesus, who could no longer count the seats administrator he had in multinational corporations and foundations and other public and private institutions in which it had a majority, so he had acquired after many years in the business and politics. Himself his family, all his relatives and networks choked with abundant monetary windfall distributed by banks and the Treasury; Rich dividends, tax optimization Pharaonic salaries and pensions hats were his bread everyday. His name, oh! Predestination! Prosper Ranopi.

One day when he had wet his yacht in the harbor Saint Trodpez, a guarantor in its Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in double file, Prosper Ranopi met his great friend and the famous «sublime» Frick Asseaux painter who was in a pass difficult due to a steep decline in its rating, considering all the infamous doodles he had passed on to the price of gold to all the elite of money.

Did you know? Says our evil billionaire our dauber Frick Asseaux in our country law and taxation of works of art is extremely beneficial for people like you and me? There are many ways to make a lot money by combining investment, speculation and fun.

First of all, in our country, works of art, are not subject to the solidarity tax on wealth based as the name suggests wealth, and mine, fortune, is fabulous. In this sense, works of art that I have (a few hundred million) are not counted in the statement that I made my fortune every year. The gain is considerable. !

Then all speculative investment in my acquisition of works of art are deducted from my income for income tax. There also is considerable gain!

Still, if speculative resale of my works of art with profit, these profits are not included in the calculation of the income tax because it is largely exempt from capital gains.
Again, the gain is considerable!

Also in case of succession to my benefit or that of my family, works of art are virtually exempt from inheritance
Which is also a considerable gain!

In addition, the law in this country allows owners of works of art like me to address some tax paying with works of art to the Treasury the duties owed by me. I thus get rid of all the «nanars» The maneuver is easy!
What is more significant gain!

I will tell you that next time, to save time, all benefits for my company and my foundations that turn me on dividends, fees, except in Pharaonic wages, fringe benefits, pensions hat etc…

In effect, if you want to find you the great painter Asseaux Frick, your rating and your reputation, you will make me paintings all black as your colleague who actually blue or any other which makes them all red and n'any painter unskilled building can roll me and you will sell them to me for peanuts. I will stir up the media and experts, the official that I control, I will invest and start with your works in my museum exhibitions, promotions, pubs, a com. Huge and extraordinary hype; badgers will follow!

In this way you'll find in a short time your past and your pleasures rating unjustified and I'll make a wonderful fruitful speculation!
What was said was done…

Next time I will tell the tale of the great washing machine of contemporary art, but this is another story.

Nb This story is a story of pure fiction. Any resemblance to existing countries or persons living or dead, events have occurred, is purely coincidental

Daniel Toublanc
More information: danieltoublanc.com
Maurice Dien
Maurice Dien, March 26
Bravo! Superbe conte qui «dénonce» (ô quel vilain mot) tellement justement ce qui se passe dans le milieu de l'art pictural et plastique depuis des décennies.
Et le citoyen lamda qui devrait refuser ces horreurs et ces manipulations, contemple béatement ces agissements.
Il est vrai que l'Art, le vrai, n'est plus enseigné, (ceci explique peut-être cela) ça ferait trop ringard, et ce particulièrement dans notre pays qui pourtant a été en un temps, qui parait bien lointain, le pays du siècle des lumières. Lumières qui sont bien éteintes et à jamais, j'en ai bien peur.
J'ai reconnu certains de vos personnages (sans trop de difficultés il est vrai). Mais chut! Il ne faut pas le dire. J'attends avec impatience le conte de la grande lessiveuse. Encore bravo et merci.
Bruno Chandellier
Bruno Chandellier, December 3
Bonjour. J'ai lu avec attention votre article tout est vrai. Au fond les gens le savent mais ils disent «tout ça cela n'est pas de l'art et ils ferment les yeux.

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