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What is a art?

Dena S L Posted: february 24, 2021 / Modified: february 24, 2021
What is a art?
What is Art? The job of molding, of shaping something; modeling art; plastic arts (dictionary definition). They noticed the similarity of plasmas and plastics. Artist, in his studies, develops the left brain, which is the side that controls emotions and creativity. The right side of the brain controls language and logical operations, accounts, studying, writing etc. That is why the function of an Engineer (who developed the right side of the brain) is to put a building «on its feet», bridges, houses, etc. And they cannot, in any way, collapse great responsibility. The Architect, (who developed the left brain) who is the Artist, his function is to bring beauty to the facade of buildings, bridges, houses, parks (when specialization is landscaping), etc. So, both complement each other. So much so that in a Faculty of Architecture, the student has some subjects from the Engineering Course. And the Plastic Artist? The same function as the Architect, bringing beauty to the world. Portraying his time, his historical period, often making us rethink some attitudes (which is Modern Art Today). When a Modern Artist makes an entire Work of garbage, we remember the importance of recycling garbage. This is just an example. But, since Centuries, the function of every Artist is to reflect what is around him. Actors, Actresses, Filmmakers, Plastic Artists (involving; sculpture, painting, kinetic art, modern art and all art related to the theme), Architects, Theater Directors, Fashion Designer - Fashion Creators (Stylists), Photographers, Musicians, Composers, Poets, Writers (excluding technical writing), dance of all kinds, ballet, which is a work of art in motion, with body expression as technique, Olympic games (already watched), every athlete has expression movement, which is also Art etc (i am sorry the Artists, if I did not mention any profession). Everyone gives shape to something, be it characters, buildings, sculptures, paintings (plastic arts in general), clothes, images, colors, sounds, words, visual image, body expression etc. Good Quality Entertainment (that brings some added value, is the function), bring imagination to people, bring pleasure to appreciate what is Beautiful, bring moments of joy, moments of mental abstraction, a yôga moment, and tc Everyone does absolutely the same. Represent your Period, the Historical moment, adding to it and making us rethink life. The Artist reflects Life. He is a «Mirror». In nature everything has a golden ratio or a golden ratio. All Artists doggedly pursue the golden ratio. That is also present in the Human Body. (Below, I will leave the explanation). The Surgeon, or the Plastic Surgeon, also developed the left brain! Well, they are attentive to the small details of the human body, and they are perfectionists in what they do and also excellent. They are Artists! Leonardo da Vinci, studied human anatomy and many other artists also studied. (The golden ratio). If you thought that Art is not essential, you may need to rethink your opinion. Well, another function of the Artist is to make Life lighter, as I said, bringing moments of abstraction, moments of breathing, moments of yoga. Try to pass this moment on to as many people as possible. Then we can move on, lighter. Wikipedia definition: Golden ratio half the sum of one with the square root of five - Golden ratio, golden number, golden number, golden section, golden ratio is an irrational real algebraic constant denoted by the Greek letter (phi), in homage to the sculptor Phideas (Phidias), who would have used it to design the Parthenon, and with the value rounded to three decimal places of 1.618. It is also called se (c) golden ation (from Latin sectio aurea), golden ratio, golden ratio, medium and extreme ratio (Euclid), divine proportion, divine section (from Latin sectio divina), proportion in extreme reason, division of extreme reason or golden excellence. The gold number is still often called the Phidias ratio. Since antiquity, the golden ratio has been used in art. It is frequently used in Renaissance paintings, such as those of the master Giotto. This number is involved with the nature of the growth. Phi (not to be confused with the Pi number) as the gold number is called, can be found roughly in man (the size of the phalanges, finger bones, for example), in hives, among countless other examples involving the order of growth in nature. Precisely because it was found in growth studies, the gold number gained an «ideal» status, being the target of researchers, artists and writers. The fact that it is supported by mathematics is what makes it fascinating.
More information: https://blog.equilibredelegance.com

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