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A little insight

Nicolas Von Jahn-Burian Posted: january 1, 2022 / Modified: january 1, 2022
A little insight
For me, every male body has a female side. It is an expression of feeling, of attitude to life. It reflects the character of a person, of a man. For me, the male body offers the best possible variations of a representation. Masculinity is the foundation of gender. Every body has its feminine sides. And be it ever so masculine in its presentation, its portrayal of the person. The toughest man has his moments when he is alone with himself, when he runs along his contours, contemplates his being gently and with interest. He caresses himself, feels along his lines. Poses emerge that he would deny in the presence of others. It is these moments that flow into my pictures. The male body has everything of all possible characters in it. It doesn't matter if it is a stronger body or a delicate slender man. He combines in himself the proportional hardness of sex and the sensitive softness of being, which can be expressed in movements and lines.

«The Man»
A little insight.

Who are you? The male ego usually considers itself irresistible. It tells you, hey, you're great. And it's right. You are great. You caress your skin in the shower. With men, on the outside, it sometimes seems like they're planing a piece of wood at a workbench. But that is definitely not the case. Men define'tender'differently. One definition, different interpretations. That's what makes a man. Interpretations. Men among themselves will rarely find differences in their interpretations to the other. Here they differ fundamentally from women. They interpret diametrically to the man. The man interprets according to the situation. The woman interprets according to opinion. Ideology and reality usually collide. Why this is so, I have no idea.

Back to the shower. First you let the water run over your head. The legs haven't had any yet, but you start soaping your hair. The legs will get some water in the course of the shower. Why the hair on the head first? Because they are important and because they come first, seen from above. It is the interpretation of order and importance. You lovingly massage in the hair wash. It feels wonderful how your fingers massage the scalp. Again and again you close your eyes. Not because of the soap, but because it is beautiful. A little burning in the eyes doesn't bother a man. You find it beautiful, and that's why you close your eyes. In that order, the face would be next. But first you turn your attention to the upper part of the body and start lathering up the chest. The man watches himself. He looks at his male chest as his hands soap it. Lovingly and gently. It gets wilder on the arms and especially the upper arms. You start to work your biceps. As if your hands are saying to the muscles, hey, where are you, show yourselves. And, ah, there they are. Now the hand slows down. It feels and follows the parts. Explores the curves. It's great. A nice bicep I have. Is it the same on the other side? So over, to the other side. You pass your chest, stop for a moment, stroke it briefly with the soap at hand and continue to the other arm. As on the first side, your hands love the muscles of your upper arm. Only now your head is moving back and forth. You still need a visual comparison, the visual confirmation. Yeah, the hands are right. Great biceps. You neglect the forearms. They're neglected, too. Strange, actually, because they stick out the farthest from the shirt. Sometimes you wear clothes where the biceps don't even see the sun. Only the forearms are always in the air. You think, hey, my forearms, wait until you see the top ones first. Maybe we should change our clothing style.

You're getting to the belly. That's cool. It's not a board shack. It's a belly. Some take it in one hand, some need both. Still others have to spread their fingers to embrace it. The washboard belly would now say don't touch, just look. All other kinds of bellies invite you to caress them. And that's what Mann does. He loves his curves. In front, as well as on the sides.

A little lower comes the most important thing. You always think of that every day when you're showering. The most important thing on your body is halfway up. A place that deserves a lot of soap. Not because it is particularly dirty, but because it should be particularly clean. And it should smell. Clean and fragrant. At least until noon. From then on you become careless, and in the evening you like to breathe in the other scent, the scent of the hours. Masculine.

The legs deserve a quick treatment. Time is money. Many have little money and like to spend it. Naturally. The water and soap from above flow down anyway. They have to pass through the legs anyway. An automatism to which one does not necessarily have to pay additional attention manually.

Last but not least, the hair is done once more. With both hands. Close your eyes, enjoy, the great guy is done. When drying off, the man uses the room temperature. Some just put the towel around their waist and let natural evaporation do the rest.

So. Do you love man? I do. That's why I draw him. He's as beautiful as pure nature. Fragrant, sensual, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. But always exciting and new to discover.

I am Nicolas von Jahn-Burian and I love men.
More information: https://www.theartof.online
Nicolas Von Jahn-Burian
Premium members Nicolas Von Jahn-Burian, January 8
Je te remercie pour ton gentil commentaire. Mon chemin me mène toujours à la frontière entre le cri et le silence. C'est un chemin que mes expériences m'ont montré. Des expériences qui ont influencé et marqué ma vie. Je trouve cela très beau quand quelqu'un lit mes lignes et les comprend entre les lignes. Je t'en remercie. Avec tout mon amour, Nicolas
Premium members Thdg-Art, January 6
Wow ! Quel texte !
Quelle intensité dans la pensée et dans l'expression !
Du vécu ! Du senti ! Du crié !
Une déclaration sans concession : «J'aime l'homme » «L'homme est beau !
Oser, c'est créer ! Créer, c'est crier !
Pour moi, une oeuvre d'art doit bousculer les idées reçues, faire réfléchir, faire sentir autre chose autrement !
Jeter un autre regART ! Faire du spectateur un spectACTEUR !
Une vraie oeuvre d'art ne laisse pas le lecteur indemne ! Elle le touche au plus profond de son être.
Il en ressort autre !

Et c'est tout à fait ce que produit votre texte !
On peut penser et sentir tout à fait comme vous, en partie seulement ou pas du tout, peu importe !
Vous y poussez un cri qui jaillit du plus profond de votre être tellement fort, tellement vrai, tellement authentique, tellement pulsionnel qu'il ne peut pas laisser le lecteur indifférent !
Il n'y a pas de doute !
Vous êtes un homme !
Vous êtes un artiste !

P. S. : Les jambes de l'homme sont très belles aussi ! Vous ne les avez pas bien regardées ! Regardez-les mieux et vous verrez, vous sentirez !

Premium members Luca, January 4
Lieber nicolas, a little insight habe ich gelesen. Die bejahung des männlichen erlebe ich selbst als bejahung des lebens und gemeinschaft. Gehörtes, gesehenes und erlebtes fließen ein in die bilder, die oft spontan entstehen und die ich selbst durchlebe.
Ich selbst bin auch erst seit kurzem auf ArtQuid präsent. Du warst einer der ersten auf die ich aufmerksam wurde. Ein männlicher akt meiner bilder entdeckte ich auf deiner sammlung.
Dir noch ein gutes jahr und gute erfahrungen.


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