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«A foundation to come»

Nicolas Von Jahn-Burian Posted: january 8, 2022 / Modified: january 8, 2022
«A foundation to come»
Art. The most beautiful thing that man can create. Art is diversity, infinite creativity, inexhaustible imagination. Art is what a person lives. Whether he creates it or experiences it. Art on the wall of a house. The one over there, he creates it and the one over there, she looks at the work. Lets himself be taken in by his art, lets himself be pulled along by it. A sculpture. An image of a person. Not just a copy. She has variations, draws out characteristics, situations of her life. The artist wants to tell me a story. His work has a meaning. I am supposed to fathom it, to see it. He wants me to rejoice, to grieve. He wants me to live his work, to hear a story. Art speaks, in all languages. Everyone understands it. Anyone who has an open mind, who engages with the story. You have to be able to see art. It does the rest, it does it with you. Many artists, many works are not seen. Not because they are not good, not beautiful. They simply get lost. They get lost in the crowd, in the whirlpool of time, in the speed of life. Many young artists hardly have a chance to be seen. If they are not shrill, if they do not shout at their audience, hardly anyone hears their wonderful work, their gentle voices. We live in a time when extroversion seems to be a basic building block of success. Loud artists often make quick art. When one is finished, you start a new one. A new one with a shout. The quiet ones are the ones whose connection to their own work never breaks. It remains forever on the easel of their thoughts. In their space of completion. Art is simply multifaceted. There is something for everyone. Only, you have to recognise it.
More information: https://www.theartof.online/magazine

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