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Café Vernissage n°1

Nicolas Von Jahn-Burian Posted: january 8, 2022 / Modified: january 8, 2022
Café Vernissage n°1
A small café in the middle of Hamburg. The Vernissage n°1. Not many people, just enjoying a coffee, a cake. Soft piano music can be heard. Countless pictures hang on the walls. Drawings, paintings and watercolours. It is a quiet, cosy atmosphere. A waitress keeps looking from her counter to a table. Two gentlemen sitting and working in a cloud of fragrant coffee. They are engrossed in what they are doing, talking little. When they look at each other, they have such loving glances for each other that the lady behind the counter's knees go weak. She sees the mouth, the lips of one of them move. She cannot hear him. He speaks very softly. Not emphatically soft, it seems to be his way. He has a light beard, nicely evenly grown, very well-groomed. Actually he still looks quite young, but his beard seems to be slowly turning grey. It suits him very well. A quiet young man with a slightly greying beard. The other one has one too. With him it is like his main hair. He doesn't have a single grey hair yet. Now he says something to the quiet gentleman, she can hear him, understands what he is saying. He says loving things to the other. Often that he agrees with him, followed by words like, wonderful my darling, I love it angel. She wants to see if the two gentlemen still have coffee in their cups. Or maybe she just wants to be closer to them, to feel their atmosphere, their closeness. She gladly pours them both some more coffee. Their cups were still almost full. Not because they don't like it or drink it slowly. Rather, it was because only a few minutes before, she had stood at their table for the last time to to see if she could still do them some good. Both gentlemen look at the lady, look into her eyes. They don't ignore her, notice her as a human being. «That's very kind of them, thank you, » says one. The other, the quiet gentleman winks at her and says, «You are a treasure». Very friendly the two gentlemen. And, they smell. They smell incredibly good, like cedar wood, maybe with a hint of citrus. Their clothes show very good taste, good style. They don't look like nouveau riche. No, they are two very good-looking, crazy-smelling, tastefully dressed gentlemen. Wonderful. Now the mobile phone of one of them is buzzing. He is happy to hear the one on the other end. Briefly they discuss something. It sounds like a conversation between very good friends. Then he hands the phone to the other. He too says something. Again, she doesn't understand him. But, his eyes light up. He too seems happy about the call. In the end, the nice lady behind the counter only hears him say goodbye with the words, «We will. Love you. Take care my friend». It must have been a good friend of theirs. Another gentleman enters the small café. He is wearing a uniform. He walks up to the two, stands bolt upright in front of their table, shoes close together, and points something out to them. Oh, it's their driver, their chauffeur. They look him in the eye too, thank him kindly for the hint. The driver leaves the café again and the two gentlemen pack up. As they get up, one gives the quiet gentleman a tender kiss and takes their coffee cups. They both come to the lady at the counter, who was so fascinated by the sight of them that she forgot she was the waitress. The gentlemen stand in front of her and one of them puts the cups on the counter. She is a little embarrassed that they are clearing her table themselves, bringing the cups to her. No, she doesn't need to be embarrassed. The two gentlemen are like that. It is not a problem for her in any way to clear the table herself. The lady has taken such good care of them, they are happy to do something for her too. They even apologise for their abrupt departure. An appointment is waiting. They don't ask for a bill either. They give the lady money in her hand, so much that they could drink twenty more coffees. It is not prepaid. Rather, it is a thank you for her service, for her work. Wonderful. (Excerpt from the book «soulburn - Erik Bode»)
More information: https://www.theartof.online/magazine

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