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Young Love

Nicolas Von Jahn-Burian Posted: june 10, 2022 / Modified: june 10, 2022
Young Love
Erik feels like he's in seventh heaven. What a sweet guy he is. The way he talks. No Berliners. The way he expresses himself is so beautiful. How he used to fight with his hair. They kept falling in his face. Every now and then he would wind it up with his index finger and put it to one side. It would hold for a while until it flicked back in his face. It looked so cute. When he was embarrassed, he always had such a slight grossness. For the life of him, Erik must see him again. The whole way home he only saw pictures of Roman. It's a good thing there are hardly any cars on the road. He probably wouldn't have seen it. Only a honk would have brought him out of his thoughts. But Erik is in bed now. All went well. That's how he falls asleep. With pictures of Roman.

After a week, you can say Erik and Roman are together. That's how it is. They are a couple. Today they go to Nikolassee. It's a bit quieter there. Fewer people out and about. It's also the perfect place for, right, the first kiss. The couple in love sits on a bench, right on the shore. Cautiously, Roman has already put his arm around Erik. But neither of the boys dares to make the first move yet. As if heaven had had an idea, a leaf flies into Roman's face. The tree behind them must have thought, come on boys, get a move on. You can't look at that. They are pining for each other, exchanging one amorous look after the other, not daring to lay their heads against each other. So the leaf flew right into Roman's face. His startled shake of the head made a mess of his hair. Erik runs his hands gently through Roman's hair and tries to restore the original state. He holds very still. When Erik has them halfway back, they are already a bit stubborn where they were before, he strokes Roman's cheeks. He takes Erik's hand and kisses it. The first kiss. It's only the hand, but it's the first kiss. Erik moves a little closer, takes heart and wants to go to Roman's mouth. He meets him halfway. He too wants to taste the boy, to touch him with his lips, with whom he has been together every day for some time now. It will be the most beautiful kiss Erik has ever had. It will be the most beautiful kiss Roman has ever had. It is not long. But, it is beautiful.

Roman's lips feel cool, very soft. Like a poem you want to learn, and therefore read over and over, they kiss again and again. They get longer too, until this one. This kiss is long. It has to be long, because their tongues leave their usual environment. They move in each other's mouths. Their tongues dance in each other's mouths. They tease, touch each other tentatively, then quickly move aside and immediately seek contact again. The boys'heads start to move too. As if they wanted to go deeper and deeper into each other's mouths. Now they use their arms and hands. They pull themselves close together. From a little distance they are only a silhouette. You don't suspect two boys sitting on the bench. For Erik, these are the most beautiful minutes, the most beautiful hours of his still young life. He enjoys, he lives what he has longed for. Kissing a boy. The fact that he is also the most handsome boy in the country makes Erik very happy. He never wants to let go of him again. Never again to get up from this bench. This day must never end. This day is worth a soul. There will be many of these days, because every day is like this. Erik and Roman have fallen in love.
More information: https://www.theartof.online

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