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Standing desk is amazing

Standingdesk Posted: september 24, 2022 / Modified: september 25, 2022
Standing desk is amazing
Nowadays rising desks has become a hot trend. Best standing desk is the desk which can adjust height for home and office use. As people takes more care of their health and comforty, this desk is born for the release of the prolonged sitting (aka “Sitting Disease”).


Research has associated prolonged sitting (aka “Sitting Disease”) with a higher risk of a host of problem. But that doesn’t mean you should stand all day, either. Standing for the majority of your workday—as people in supermarket, manufacturing—could lead to degenerative joint damage, muscle injury, and circulatory diseases such as venous disorders, increased stroke risk, and carotid atherosclerosis. So the key is to find a good balance between sitting and standing. In this case, sit stand desk is a good option for health. We have listed several questions for you to get better knowledge when making choices about sit stand desk.

1. How long do I need stand for health concern?
Most experts recommend standing up and moving around for about 15 minutes for every 45 to 60 minutes you spend sitting. Height adjustable desk can reduce your concern of not having enough standing time.  

2. Any scientific data can prove An electric standing desk is good?
Researchers publishing in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health tried to answer. They fitted 74 healthy people with masks that measured oxygen consumption as a reflection of how many calories they burned while doing computer work, watching tv, standing, or walking on a treadmill.

In other words, use of a standing desk for three hours burns an extra 24 calories, about the same number of calories in a carrot. But walking for just a half hour during your lunch break could burn an extra 100 calories each day.


3. Advice for getting more movement into your day?
1. Take breaks often
Take small breaks to stand, stretch and walk around to get your blood pumping and circulating. Set your computer alarm to remind yourself to stop working and stretch. Or do some standing, stretch poses If your work space allows, get your blood flowing with squats, lunges, wall push-ups or planks.

2. Try a l shaped standing desk
If you can, invest in a standing desk or find tasks where you can stand, such as talking on the telephone or reading hard copy reports. Put your file cabinet on the other side of the room so that you have to walk over to it. If you do have a standing desk, alternate between sitting and standing every hour. Move more to get sufficient strength.

3. Walking meetings
Find reasons to go for a walk or to do walking meetings. Instead of sending an email, walk to your colleague’s office down the hall.

4. Use a therapy ball chair
Rather than an office chair, try sitting in a therapy ball chair instead. The ball forces you to use your postural muscles to stay upright and balanced and you can shift your weight easily. As a bonus, you tend to stay more alert while sitting on a therapy ball.

5. Keep your seated posture ergonomically correct
Adjust your computer monitor, keyboard and mouse so that they’re correct for your height. The height of your keyboard and mouse should keep your elbows at your side and bent at 90 degrees.


4. How to choose a good small standing desk?
1. Very stable
The standing desk with drawers should be with strong frames and can hold your files and notebooks firmly. The idea of your desk wiggling every time you type on your keyboard is unpleasant, and the feeling of your standing desk wobbling is sure to stress you out. This is the base for judgements.

2. Wide Adjustable Height Range
The best standing gaming desk accommodate a wide range of minimum and maximum heights, so they’re a better fit for a wider variety of people. This is especially important if multiple people will be using the desk. Good standing desks also give you precise control over the height, rather than locking into one or two preset positions.

3. Surface and Weight Capacity
If your setup is lightweight and you don’t have much gear, standing computer desk is a good choice for you. However, if you have a multi-monitor setup and store lots of equipment on your desk—like a phone, notes, toys, mugs, lamps, and so on—ensure the standing desk you choose is strong enough and big enough to support everything properly, including your favorite desktop supplies.

4. Customization
It's recommended that the standing desk is harmonious with your space and you can also choose the frames, colors and other relative products like pad. Choose the brand which has same value as you. The brand who can offer more kinds of standing up desks to choose from is worth a try.

5. A Good Warranty
Like anything you use on a regular basis, a good desk is worth investing in. And when you invest in something, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and have recourse in the event the product is faulty or gets damaged. Standing desks, especially the electric ones, should come with a solid warranty—at least 5 years, if not 7 to 10 years.  


5. How to sit healthily?
1. Don't sit to 90-degrees
Traditional chairs force the body into 90-degree postures, but science has shown that dropping your knees below your hips takes pressure off your tailbone, engages your core, brings your spine into healthier alignment, and improves your circulation—plus it just feels better.

2. More movements
Our bodies weren’t meant to stand all day, or sit all day—our bodies were meant to move. Even while sitting, giving your body the freedom to make those small adjustments, you need to stay balanced and engaged—shifting your weight, stretching your legs, opening your hips, even bouncing—can make all the difference in how you feel, and in what kind of energy you bring to your work and day.

3. Care about your health
There’s no such thing as the perfect posture. The right posture is the one that feels right in the moment. Whether it’s a stretch when you’re feeling tight, a hip-opening shift to align your spine, or a supported standing position when your legs need a break, active sitting keeps you fluidly moving in tune with your body’s changing needs.

6. Recommendation for desks
1. Every day Sitters
If you prefer working from a sitting position at a traditional-height desk, this collection of award-winning, beautiful, and intelligently-engineered chairs will help keep your body in an aligned, ergonomic posture, while also encouraging healthy movement. That’s what we mean by active sitting: using a chair that supports proper alignment while keeping your muscles engaged, so working you feel healthy and energized.

2. Support for Standers
Think for your body. Even if you’re happy to stand and work all day, your body will feel even better with regular sitting breaks – physiologists tell us that it’s healthier for our knees, back and legs. Our collection of chairs allow you to lean and sit without lowering your desk. These supported-standing chairs engage core muscles and activate your body's natural ability to find its balance and a healthy, aligned posture.

3. Movers & Groovers
Our collection of rocking, swaying, bouncing chairs and stools encourage healthy, energy-bringing movement to keep your body engaged and your head focused. These chairs also help build core muscles and burn calories while you work, keeping you alert and energized. And they’re interesting!  Ergonomic office chair is also a good option.  
If you like natural style, try <a href=«https://www.fezibo.com/collections/wooden-standing-desk»>wooden standing desk</a>
More information: https://www.fezibo.com

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