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Vn 7Q ArtQuid Circle
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Circle of ArtQuid Friends

Our honor members who support ArtQuid and participate in the construction of our vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts from all horizons

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  2. Prestigious
Sara Fratini
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Sara Fratini Artist Painter - Paris, France
  1. Les aires. Sara Fratini
  2. Interieurs - © adagp, Paris - (série). Sara Fratini
  3. Elixir - © adagp, Paris 2014 - (série Jeux quotidiens). Sara Fratini
  4. Cendrillon (série montée en quadriptyque) - © adagp, Paris. Sara Fratini
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Cmoitagada Artist Painter - Arlon, Belgium
  1. Poesie & liberte. Cmoitagada
  2. Poesie & liberte. Cmoitagada
  3. Espace. Cmoitagada
  4. Espace. Cmoitagada
Supraréalisme (Mad-Jarova)
ArtQuid Circle medal_gold Supraréalisme (Mad-Jarova) Artist Painter - Saint Chéron, France
  1. Le dernier couple. Supraréalisme (Mad-Jarova)
  2. Le cadeau abandonné (huile sur toile). Supraréalisme (Mad-Jarova)
  3. Enigma. Supraréalisme (Mad-Jarova)
  4. Le Char de la Beauté. Supraréalisme (Mad-Jarova)
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Houmeau Artist Painter - Chennevieres Sur Marne, France
  1. Jeu de bulles. Houmeau
  2. Zhouzhuang - Chine. Houmeau
  3. Champagne !. Houmeau
  4. Sous la neige. Houmeau
K. Zi. Yak
ArtQuid Circle trophy_silver K. Zi. Yak Artist Painter - Saint Jean De Vedas, France
  1. Chat délicat blanche tigrée yeux verts. K. Zi. Yak
  2. Porte Multicolore - Collection: Ouverture sur le Monde. K. Zi. Yak
  3. Rose Fuchsia Fermée - Collection «Bouquet de Roses». K. Zi. Yak
  4. Qui regard qui ?. K. Zi. Yak
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Gorfi Artist Painter - France
  1. Sara II. Gorfi
  2. Le chemin du mont. Gorfi
  3. Sara. Gorfi
  4. Longue vie a la serenissime. Gorfi
Cathy Ganty
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Cathy Ganty Artist Painter - Liège, Belgium
  1. Fields of roses, acrylic on canvas, floral abstraction, contemporary art. Cathy Ganty
  2. Anémones Vives. Cathy Ganty
  3. Sweetness of summer, acrylic on canvas, floral abstraction, flower painting,. Cathy Ganty
  4. Wall of roses, acrylic, collages and India ink. Cathy Ganty
Helene Moya
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Helene Moya Artist Painter - Authevernes, France
  1. Untitled. Helene Moya
  2. Sans titre. Helene Moya
  3. La danse. Helene Moya
  4. Elsewhere. Helene Moya
Alexia Lecerf
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Alexia Lecerf Artist - Gentilly, France
  1. Palimpseste de mars. Alexia Lecerf
  2. Mystère. Alexia Lecerf
  3. Horizon. Alexia Lecerf
  4. Miroirs. Alexia Lecerf
Caroline Morcillo
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Caroline Morcillo Artist Painter - Borex, Switzerland
  1. «Le Sun». Caroline Morcillo
  2. L'enfance de l'art. Caroline Morcillo
  3. Magnet. Caroline Morcillo
  4. Imaginarium. Caroline Morcillo
David Strano - Animal Studio®
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold David Strano - Animal Studio® Artist Photographer - Paris, France
  1. Résilience. David Strano - Animal Studio®
  2. La force tranquille. David Strano - Animal Studio®
  3. Le dormeur du val. David Strano - Animal Studio®
  4. Candeur visuelle. David Strano - Animal Studio®
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Quinio Artist Painter - Paris, France
  1. Saint Florent en Corse (1997). Quinio
  2. En forêt de Fontainebleau (1995). Quinio
  3. Coucher de soleil sur le phare de la Mortella en Corse (1996). Quinio
  4. Lever de soleil sur le golfe de Saint Florent en Corse (1995). Quinio
ArtQuid Circle trophy_gold Ravenéros Artist Painter - Charleroi, Belgium
  1. Cauchemar (Blood art). Ravenéros
  2. The teacher (the teacher). Ravenéros
  3. Illusion. Ravenéros
  4. Mister Crowley. Ravenéros
Nathalie Koïn
ArtQuid Circle trophy_bronze Nathalie Koïn Artist Painter - Nice, France
  1. Sarah II oil on canvas. Nathalie Koïn
  2. Self-portrait with one hand. Nathalie Koïn
  3. Contemporary femininity. Nathalie Koïn
  4. Looking oil on canvas. Nathalie Koïn
ArtQuid Circle trophy_bronze Mariraff Artist Painter - Vivonne, France
  1. Coucher de soleil sur la mer / Acrylique sur toile. Mariraff
  2. «Fleurs rouges » / dessin encres de Chine. Mariraff
  3. Un coin de nature / Acrylique sur toile / 27 X 35. Mariraff
  4. Papillons de Martinique. Mariraff
Claude Sauvage
ArtQuid Circle trophy_bronze Claude Sauvage Artist Painter - Grasse, France
  1. Big Bang. Claude Sauvage
  2. Doriphore. Claude Sauvage
  3. La ruche aux abeilles création 2016. Claude Sauvage
  4. Panther Woman. Claude Sauvage
Dany Wattier
ArtQuid Circle medal_gold Dany Wattier Artist Painter - Rignac, France
  1. Coast to locmariaquer. Dany Wattier
  2. Rouleaux sur la Côte sauvage. Dany Wattier
  3. Scène d'autrefois. Dany Wattier
  4. La chèvre de la cascade. Dany Wattier
Michel Normand
ArtQuid Circle trophy_bronze Michel Normand Artist Painter - Saint-Raphaël, France
  1. 2015-06-09 Manon et Adrien. Jpg. Michel Normand
  2. 2019-07-02 Muse en pleine action. Michel Normand
  3. 2019-03-17 Michel. Michel Normand
  4. 2020-07-14 Maroc - Fès. Michel Normand
Raymond Marcel Depienne
ArtQuid Circle medal_gold Raymond Marcel Depienne Artist Painter - Saint Jacques Des Guérets, France
  1. Maria. Raymond Marcel Depienne
  2. Jacques Higelin. Raymond Marcel Depienne
  3. Lady London. Raymond Marcel Depienne
  4. Gros minet. Raymond Marcel Depienne
ArtQuid Circle trophy_bronze Lauferartsuisse Artist Painter - Paudex (Vd), Switzerland
  1. Eléphanteau 11. Lauferartsuisse
  2. Des chats et des reliques : 298 plasma. Lauferartsuisse
  3. Univers café : 286 plasma. Lauferartsuisse
  4. Landscape Plasma 106 - Perennials substances -. Lauferartsuisse

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