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ArtQuid Awards

Vote for your favorite artists and discover the month's ranking

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  3. How To Participate?

Discover the latest votes and view live the changes of your favorite artists ranking!

ArtQuid offers you a favorites system that allows you to vote for the Art you love.

Latest favorite votes Favorite Artists Ranking

How can I participate?

Exhibit your artworks, receive votes and win free gifts every month!

+ Add an artwork OR Open your gallery

Important, if you do not want to receive any favourite votes or be part of the ranking please change your preferences in My preferences


What can I win?

Exposure: every month the 3 winners are put foward in our Newsletter sent to our 80,000 members and displayed on the ArtQuid Awards history.

COMING SOON: free coupons will be offered to the 3 winners!

Prestige: your ranking decoration is displayed on your gallery.

Who can receive votes?

You can vote for all the artworks exhibited on ArtQuid.

You are not yet exhibiting on ArtQuid?
+ Add an artwork OR Open your gallery

How can I vote?

Go to the artwork's detail page of your choice.
Then, click on the Kudos button!

Check at anytime all your favorite votes in My favorites.

How does the voting system work?

  • A user can vote only once for an artwork.
  • If you vote, then cancel your vote and then vote again the next month, only the date of your first vote will count.
  • If an artwork has the same amount of votes as another artwork, they are ranked from most recent on top.
  • The 3 winners can only win one time every 4 months, so when they win they cannot be part of the ranking the 3 next months.
  • Voting for your own artworks will not be counted in the Favorite Artists Ranking.

The artwork's page

The artwork's detail page adds up the total of all the votes during the ad's lifetime.

The ArtQuid Awards page

The total votes are counted at the end of each month. The ranking of the artist depends on the highest number of votes on any artwork during the month. The votes start on the first day at midnight and end up on the the last day at midnight.

For example: If an artwork receives 20 votes during the last month and 10 votes on the next month, the number of votes counted for the next month ranking is 10. However, on the artwork's detail page, the number of favourites will add up a total of 30 votes.


The number of votes if not correct?

Please note that there is a delay of a few minutes before each vote is counted.

The voting system is totally democratic and secured

If our system detects a fake account giving fake votes the artwork is immediately taken out of the ranking.

Our team is also manually checking the results

Our mission is to offer a user-friendly platform to help artists exhibiting and promoting their work to a broader audience. The voting system is here to encourage artists in their work, so please feel free to invite all your friends to vote for your favorite artist of the month!

Your artwork is not in the ranking?

First please verify in your preferences that you have correctly checked " I want to participate in the Favorite Artists Ranking ".

The 3 winners can only win one time every 4 months
So when they win they cannot be part of the ranking during the next 4 months.

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